Mulch, Soil, Stone

For large jobs, Gro-Rite’s bulk products are perfect for you. We sell topsoil, mulches, gravel and sand by the yard and deliver it directly to your home by truck. Truck deliveries save homeowners time and money – no more dragging big heavy bags from the store!

Bulk products include screened topsoil; black, brown & red hardwood mulch; natural cedar mulch; natural hardwood mulch; different varieties of gravel & sand. Landscapers and contractors also benefit from Gro-Rite bulk sales.

2017 Bulk List

Pickup or Prompt Delivery Available
Call for Pricing


 #45  1/2" Screened Topsoil  $30 / yard


 #37  Hardwood Mulch (Double Shredded)  $22 / yard
 #40  Red Colored Hardwood Mulch  $36 / yard
 #53  Black Colored Hardwood Mulch  $34 / yard


 #69  Sod (Sold by the roll. 10 sq. ft.)  $4.95 ea.
   Sod 210+ Rolls (70 Rolls per Pallet)  $4.75 ea.

Order Sod by Thursday for Pick-Up or Delivery on Saturday. More than 210 Rolls will be a Direct Delivery and can be delivered any day.

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