About Us

Our History

In 1973, Dave and Gerda Vande Vrede opened a small garden center on their New Jersey farm. Year in and year out, they spent growing seasons cultivating all their own annual and perennial plants from seeds and cuttings. The Vande Vredes’ dedication to personally raising plants and selling directly to customers led to an unparalleled reputation as producers of the finest, most beautiful varieties of flowers and plants in New Jersey, and their reputation for service is no different. With attention to high quality and customer service, the business grew to 22 acres with 160,000 square feet of greenhouse space. By the 1990′s, the company outgrew its first location and purchased an 110 acre farm in Belvidere, adding 180,000 square feet of covered greenhouse growing space and a large outdoor growing area.

Family Owned & Operated

Over time, the Vande Vrede children increasingly participated in the family business. The second generation has been actively involved in expanding and refining the business. In time and with the help of each other, we have bettered the company in many ways. Everything from technologically enhanced greenhouses to efficient mixing processes; from creating our own brand names to identifying and growing from the world’s finest plant materials, seeds and cuttings. Times may have changed, and our staff has grown over the past 39 years, but at Gro-Rite, the Vande Vrede family’s original dedication to quality products, reasonable prices, smart growing and direct selling, endures into a new generation of leadership. Their stewardship and personal attention have garnered a wide and loyal customer base, from the one-pot customer to large wholesale buyers.